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Moving is Improving is still under construction. Please stay tuned for the exciting updates like live stats and connectedness in new year


This is a new exciting lifestyle site for those wanting to get a little fitter, maybe lose a little weight or compete with other like minded people in the same area or around the world. Doesn’t matter if you are an Olympic athlete of someone who just wants to improve your well-being. This is the place for you, an on line community of people with similar goals.

You can walk, jog, run, cycle push a pram or walk the dog.
​ As long as you have a lifestyle tag and are registered you are good to go.
​ Even your dog can have a tag.
​Your results can be seen on this website or can be sent directly to your smartphone,
​ You can share with friends if you like.
Have a look at the Stats and see what others are doing.​


Easy, just go to the “I want a lifestyle Tag” button on this page, fill out the details and wait for your FREE lifestyle tag to be mailed to you.

​​When your tag arrives, fit it you your shoe, bike, pram, dog as per the fitting instructions.

​​Log on to this website and go to your profile page, set it how you want it and your good to go.

Find your nearest Lifestyle timing point and get moving.

As long as you pass 2 consecutive timing points your time will be recorded. You can start and finish at any point. When you pass a timing point you should hear a beep to let you know you have been seen.

Look on this site to see your progress and how you compare with others.​​​​

I want a lifestyle Tag!

 Who Is Moving In The Last Week

Where People Are Moving In The Last Week

All Time Furthest Movers

All Time Fastest Movers


and as the web address says, Moving is Improving!
​We are a lifestyle site that promotes excersice and moving to all ages and body types.

Movingisimproving.life uses a cluster of fixed timing points at various locations, Participants register and receive a Lifestyle RFID tag which can be read as the participant passes over the timing point. The tag ID and the time it passes is sent to our DATA server and displayed on this site or sent by SMS to the participant’s phone. Unlike expensive GPS tracking devices our lifestyle tags are often Free from council and allow the user to compete with others through this website. A huge amount of stats are provided and users have the opportunity to receive rewards.
The timing equipment and Data management is provided by Trident RFID who have provided timing equipment for the worlds largest marathons. Their equipment times thousands of people worldwide daily.
Movingisimproving.life wants to get you up and moving, not just athletes who can afford to strap an expensive GPS tracker to their arm but everyone with the desire to feel a little better.
WE want to acknowledge the MORETON REGIONAL COUNCIL and LOGAN CITY COUNCIL, Queensland Australia for their fantastic support and providing free Lifestyle tags to residents.

Starting To Move

  • OK first thing to do is get registered and get your tag. Then we need to setup your profile. You can choose several privacy options for what can be seen in public or to friends only but note that email address or home address used when registering will never be visible on this site no matter what the setting. Click “here” or “I want a lifestyle tag’ on the front page and you will be directed to a register page. Fill in the details and your tag will be mailed to you. A temporary password will be emailed to the address to have provided to allow you to setup your profile.

  • You cannot setup a profile until you have registered.

  • When you have received your password, log in and proceed to the PROFILE page and complete details you would like to add.

  • You are now ready to get moving, have a look on the “Fitting my tag” page, fit your tag and you are good to go.

  • If you are already quite fit then you will have no problems getting started but if you are a first time started and in the past you would almost “run a mile” from the thought of getting exercise or moving then start off slow. You have made the first step just registering. The hardest part is just getting started so find the closest lifestyle timing point and just go there, sit down and watch people walking past. Do this every couple of days until you are ready to make the move. At first just go from this timing point to the next and back. Each time it will get easier. Don’t try to make the leader board just yet, just move, keep going and before you know it you will be addicted to moving.

  • Good luck.

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