Whether you’re a runner or a rider there a few rules to follow to make sure you get the best from your Lifestyle Tag.

Runners and Walkers

For the runners and walkers, the Tag must be fitted to the top side of your shoe. It doesn’t matter which shoe you attach to, but it must be on the shoe. In your pocket or tucked into a sock will not do.

You can attach the tag by the laces or by a cable tie (zip tie). The Lifestyle Tag is best positioned towards the toe of the shoe, so the tag is relatively parallel with the sole of the shoe

Do not use wire or sandwich pack ties as these will affect the tag.

Here is an example.

If you still do not hear the Lifestyle Tag being read, contact us on the Moving is Improving website so we can get you moving again.


For the riders the tag should be mounted under the bike around the pedal crank area. The tag needs to be spaced about 8 mm away from any metal parts and when fitted should be parallel to the ground. A foam block and 2 cable ties have been provided. Find a location that suits and

 stick the foam block to the area. (This will ensure nothing can rub against the frame and damage paintwork and if needed to be removed the glue is easily cleaned with Metholated spirits.

Put the Lifestyle Tag on the foam and secure with the 2 cable ties around the frame.

Prams and Wheel chairs

Prams and wheel chairs both have the Lifestyle tag mounted under the seat so that when being used the tag will be parallel with the ground. If possible try not to mount the tag to a metal pipe but if you must, space it from the frame on some foam similar to the bike mounting.


Just hang the tag from a clip onto your best buddy’s collar or harness and he/or she is good to go.

Care for your Lifestyle Tag

Your Lifestyle Tag is a rugged piece of electronics, but it is not indestructible. It is waterproof and can be washed, it is not affected by rain, dirt or mud, it has no batteries and does not require charging.

Do not bend or fold it and avoid heavy shocks to the tag.

The system is designed to only beep when it first detects your tags, every 5  seconds.  This may impact how you hear your tag be detected.

Testing your Lifestyle Tag

Your Lifestyle tag should never need replacing but if you think something is wrong you can test it at any time. Just go to any of the Lifestyle Timing points near you and pass the tag over the area in front of the timing pillar. You will hear a beep from the timing point.

If your bike/pram or wheelchair does not show a tag read check the mounting method again. If the tag is close to metal it will be affected and may not operate. Reposition the tag until a tag read is seen.