Starting To Move

  • OK first thing to do is get registered and get your tag. Then we need to setup your profile. You can choose several privacy options for what can be seen in public or to friends only but note that email address or home address used when registering will never be visible on this site no matter what the setting. Click “here” or “I want a lifestyle tag’ on the front page and you will be directed to a register page. Fill in the details and your tag will be mailed to you. A temporary password will be emailed to the address to have provided to allow you to setup your profile.

  • You cannot setup a profile until you have registered.

  • When you have received your password, log in and proceed to the PROFILE page and complete details you would like to add.

  • You are now ready to get moving, have a look on the “Fitting my tag” page, fit your tag and you are good to go.

  • If you are already quite fit then you will have no problems getting started but if you are a first time started and in the past you would almost “run a mile” from the thought of getting exercise or moving then start off slow. You have made the first step just registering. The hardest part is just getting started so find the closest lifestyle timing point and just go there, sit down and watch people walking past. Do this every couple of days until you are ready to make the move. At first just go from this timing point to the next and back. Each time it will get easier. Don’t try to make the leader board just yet, just move, keep going and before you know it you will be addicted to moving.

  • Good luck.