As the web address says, we are a lifestyle site that promotes increased movement for all ages and body types.

The moving is improving initiative uses innovative sports timing technology by placing clusters of fixed timing points at various locations.  Funded by local government, participants register and receive a Lifestyle RFID tag which is read as participants pass over the timing point.

The tag ID and the time it passes is sent to the data server and displayed on this website or sent by SMS to the participant’s phone (coming soon).

Unlike expensive GPS tracking devices our lifestyle tags are FREE from local council and allow our movers to compete with others locally and around the world. From the data provided, our movers can track their progress and have the opportunity to receive rewards.

The timing equipment and data management is provided by Trident RFID. Trident RFID has provided professional sports timing equipment for the world’s largest marathons. Their equipment times thousands of people worldwide, daily.

We are genuinely interested in people, and we want everyone to experience the benefits of increased movement within the natural and outdoors environment. We want to create naturally active and moving communities by making exercise easy, fun and rewarding for everyone.

We want to acknowledge the MORETON REGIONAL COUNCIL and LOGAN CITY COUNCIL, and Queensland Australia for their fantastic support and providing free lifestyle tags to residents.