Course – Redcliffe Foreshore – Moreton Bay

Our course along Redcliffe Foreshore is made up of four separate timing locations along the beach.


This is a beautiful place to run along enxt to the beach, with some great places along the course to view the ocean.  And most days you can see Moreton Island across the Ocean.


The four locations on this course are as follows:


  • Redcliffe Jetty

  • Suttons Beach

  • Margate Beach

  • Scotts Point

Each location is 1km away from the next, and it is recommended to run them in order to experience the full length of the foreshore.

Redcliffe Jetty

This beautiful has a long history spanning from 1885, and anyone insterested in the area is recommended to read about its history.


You can find this Timing Pillar just near the start of the Jetty, along the downward pathing heading South.


This is often a nice place to start, as there are more shopping options to explore either before or after your run.

Suttons Beach


This is a great beach to visit, with plenty of beach to lay, swim and play, as well as a nice grassy area a bit further back if you want some shade with a lovely view.



You can find this Timing Pillar on the North side of this beach, closer to the Life Saving Club.


Margate Beach


This beach is a great place if you are looking for a quieter beach.  Further away from the actvities at Suttons Beach, but still a great beach to relax.


This Timing Pillar can be found on the Northern end of the beach, just South of the local Cafe.



Scotts Point


Another lovely area if you want to visit a beach or relax in the shade up on the grass.


If you travel a bit further South, you will come across the Progress Park, which is a nice little area to wander around.

This Timing Pillar is the Southern most location in this course, and is right next to the bathing pavilion  if you need a quick break.