Course – Slacks Creek – Logan

Our course along Slacks Creek is made up of six separate timing locations along the pathways near Slacks Creek.


This course has a few options on where to run, including running laps around oval, or taking the Northern route up to Timothy Park


The six locations on this course are as follows:


  • Timothy Park

  • Reserve Park

  • Paradise Road

  • Valencia Park

  • Queens St

  • Meakin Park

Each location has a varied distance between them, so we recommend some planning if you desire to travel a specific distance.

Timothy Park

This beautiful park is at the Northern most end of this course.

Plenty of parkland, with a kids playground for additional activites.

You can find this Timing Pillar along the walking track with the bright yellow pillar

Reserve Park


A lovely park to visit with the kids or by yourself for some exercise.  Having a playground and outdoor gym equipment provides flexibility of activites.


This Timing Pillar can be found along the local pathway.


Paradise Road


Located on the side of Paradise Road, this is a great place to stop and get some energy form the local service station.


Be careful when crossing the road at this location.




Valencia Park


Another lovely park if you want to visit somewhere a bit quiter.


There is a playground here for the kids if they want to play.


This Timing Pillar to on the Southern end of this park.



Queens Street


Located on the side of Queens Road, opposite the Animal Management Centre.

Right next to the bus stop is your prefer to take public transport.


This Timing Pillar is the most Southern of the locations in this course.




Meakin Park


This is a beautiful park, with a playground, basketball court, and parking.


Great place to park your car and start you run.

This Timing Location is located alongside Meakin Road near the local Neighborhood Centre.